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Terms and Conditions

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The use of this site is governed by the TERMS AND CONDITIONS AGREEMENT OF SERVICES OR SALE set forth below. Your use of this site or purchase from Studio Smile San Diego indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Studio Smile San Diego reserves the right to make changes to this web site and these terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice.

Studio Smile San Diego is the service provider; it is also referred to as “Studio Smile San Diego”, “us” and “we”.

Customer is the person or organisation who purchases or seeks services from Studio Smile San Diego; it is also referred to as “you”.


I acknowledge that I am purchasing Teeth Whitening Session that is designed to whiten the color of my teeth. I understand that a Laser LED Light is used in order to accelerate the whitening process.

Results Guarantee

Although most natural teeth can benefit from a teeth whitening treatment, I understand that everyone’s teeth are different and that results will vary. I understand that people with yellowish teeth generally get the best results and that if my teeth have spots due to tetracycline use (grayish tint) or fluorosis, these will be difficult to whiten. Also, if I have artificial teeth, caps, crowns, veneers, porcelain, composite or other restorative materials, I shouldn’t expect dramatic results from this treatment because the peroxide gel will not whiten (or damage) artificial dental work. Also, I am aware that my teeth will never be whiter than the white color my genes naturally allow.

Potential Risks

Although whitening treatments are generally safe, I understand that some of the potential complications of this treatment include, but are not limited to:

GUM/LIP IRRITATION: Whitening gel that comes in contact with gum tissue or the lips during the treatment may cause inflammation or whitening of theses areas. This is due to inadvertent exposure of small areas of those tissues to the whitening gel. The inflammation and/or whitening of gums and lips is transient, and the color change of the gum tissue will reverse within 30 minutes. I may feel a stinging and tingling sensation on these soft tissues during the treatment if the gel comes in contact with them.

TOOTH SENSITIVITY: Although uncommon, some customers can experience some tooth sensitivity during the first 24 hours after the whitening treatment. People with existing sensitivity, recently cracked teeth, micro-cracks, open cavities, leaking fillings, exposed roots, or other dental conditions that cause sensitivity may find that those conditions increase or prolong tooth sensitivity after the treatment.

SPOTS OR STREAKS: Some customers may develop white spots or streaks on their teeth due to CALCIUM DEPOSITS that naturally occur in teeth. These spots are NOT caused by the peroxide gel. The gel just brings the already existing calcium deposits out and makes them visible again. These usually diminish over time.

RELAPSE: After the treatment, it is natural for teeth color to regress somewhat over time. This is natural and should be very gradual, but it can be accelerated by exposing the teeth to various staining agents, such as coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine, colas, etc. I realize that I should not eat or drink anything except water during 60 minutes after the treatment because the gel opens the pores of my enamel and makes my teeth very vulnerable to staining agents.

If I purchase a touch-up pen, I realize that my pores will remain open for as long as I use it so I should refrain from staining agents till I stop using the pen. Only 24 hours after I conclude the touch-up pen treatment can I resume my normal habits. I understand that the results of the treatment are not intended to be permanent and that secondary, repeat or touch-up treatments may be needed for me to maintain the color I desire for my teeth.

I understand that this treatment CANNOT be used by pregnant or lactating women, people under the age of 14, people with gum disease, open cavities, leaking fillings, or other dental conditions, or people with a known allergy to peroxide and/or to aloe vera. People that have had braces removed should wait 6 months for cement residue to wear off before getting a teeth whitening treatment and people with a piercing or other metal objects in the oral cavity should remove them before the treatment as they may turn black. If I feel a sharp pain on a particular tooth during the treatment I should stop the treatment and contact my dentist since this could be a sign of an open cavity.

I waive all claims against any of the Studio Smile San Diego for any injuries, damages, losses or claims, whether known or unknown,, which arise during or result from my participation in the Activity, regardless of whether or no caused in whole or part by the negligence of other fault of any of the Studio Smile San Diego parties.


We do not ship to overseas at the moment, the purchase of products from this site is available to USA and Canada Customers Only.

All orders placed are subject to confirmation and acceptance by Studio Smile San Diego.

Studio Smile San Diego may vary prices for received orders in the event of price changes. In the case of price increase, you may cancel the order by giving notice to Studio Smile San Diego, which must be received within seven days of the price increase notification.

To minimize errors and improve efficiency, services or orders should be placed using our on-line ordering system.

We will also accept phone appointments or orders.

Quantity in stock does not take into account the orders already placed which are yet to be processed. It is possible that an order placed earlier will receive the allocation of the part in which the quantity for it showed as in stock at the time of your order. Inventory discrepancy can also affect the accuracy of the stock status displayed on our web site.

Any attempt to cancel an order must be made as soon as possible. Cancellations attempted after the despatching will result in the customer having to pay the shipping and handling charges on the package and the cost of shipping the package back.

Cancellations may be communicated by email or Phone.

For services payment at the time of service is our policy. For on-line orders, accepted payments include credit cards (Visa/ Master card)

Products are sent USPS Priority Mail. Products will be shipped within 2 business days of your order. Studio Smile San Diego will make every effort to deliver on time. However, we shall not be held liable for delay or lost shipment.

When your order is shipped you will be sent an E-mail confirmation which will include an order number which can be used when enquiring about your order.

There will be no credit given on order price difference, due to price changes or sales. Please select carefully at the time when you place your order.

Studio Smile San Diego will gladly exchange unopened merchandise for a store credit within 30 days of the original purchase. Customers must present a valid receipt. All jewelry sales are final.

Returned goods must be in its original condition and include all the original packaging. Shipping and handling cost are not refundable. This return for credit policy is applicable for change of mind, and lack of expertise for use of product

Any incorrect, missing or damaged items received must be reported to Studio Smile San Diego within 24 hours of you receiving the delivery. This can only be done by E-mail.

If item(s) received is not what was ordered please do not open the sealed package in which it was sent.

Any attempt to use the incorrect item will be deemed to be acceptance by the customer of the item(s) as a satisfactory substitute for the one that was ordered and no further claim can be raised thereafter.

The Beauty Mark owns the title of any extra goods shipped with your order that have been despatched in error.

All goods sold by Studio Smile San Diego come with a warranty to be free from any defects or faults. This warranty is not transferable.

Goods under warranty cover will be replaced or repaired by the manufacturer. No refund can be provided under any circumstances.

Warranty only covers the item(s) sold by Studio Smile San Diego.

If the returned goods are determined by The Beauty Mark to not be faulty, then all returning shipping fees will be worn by the customer. We will seek the permission from the customer to charge this cost to the customer’s credit card where possible. Failing this, the goods will be sent back by USPS Priority Mail.

All warrantees are voided if returned product is found in any way to be mishandled, misinstalled, modified, tampered, abused, physically damaged.

Studio Smile San Diego is not responsible for any parcel missing in transit, on its return back to
Studio Smile San Diego.

All products, descriptions and logos are owned by their respective owners.

Due to changing market forces and other extenuating circumstances that affect product availability, and price stability we reserve the right to withdraw any product we advertise and change prices without notice.

Information contained throughout the web pages and in our database is believed to be accurate and reliable at the time of publishing. There may be misprints, human errors, and omissions. We reserve the right to make changes and corrections in prices, products, and specifications without notice.
Images displayed on this web site should be regarded as illustrative and informational purpose only.The actual products are often not identical to the images.

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