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Over 40 Coffee Stained Teeth Remedy

Chances are if you are over 40, you’ve probably drank a lot of coffee over your life time. That coffee has probably left you with coffee stained teeth, even if you get your teeth cleaned on a regular basis.

The fact of the matter is 68% of people drink coffee first thing in the morning. Many of those continue to drink coffee throughout the day. And like it or not, time accumulates a lot of things, including coffee staining our teeth.

coffee stained teethSo how does coffee stain you teeth more when your are over 40?

Enamel is hard, in fact it is the hardest element that we have in our bodies. It does take time for staining to happen and when one is over 40, teeth staining tends to happen because we have more cracks, fissures and rough spots on our teeth. It allows tannins in things like coffee, tea and wine to seep through and stain our teeth.

Even without cracks and fissures, the natural micropores in enamel create over 40 coffee stained teeth. And it is the micropores that are the secret to effectively whitening our teeth at this age too!

Why over the counter teeth whitening products give us hope… but pretty much suck

Ok, so it is true, after using teeth whitening strips our teeth look a bit whiter.

They also usually hurt like hell for days afterward. Sensitive to everything.

Reason being: the solution is harsh, and it’s basically going after surface stain. Most over the counter and teeth whitening don’t actually get to the dentin, that layer just under your enamel. Even many professional teeth whitening products don’t make it to the dentin and the real culprit of the visible staining.

Effective teeth bleaching sinks into those micropores discussed earlier to get to the dentin which is what is really reflecting that yellowed, darkened look to your teeth. It’s much softer than enamel and soaks up the color.

So what do you do to whiten your over 40 coffee stained teeth?

Getting to that layer under your enamel with no sensitivity is super duper easy… with a laser light! It’s the latest in teeth whitening technology and it works fabulously. You can read all about laser teeth whitening here: Studio Smile San Diego Teeth Whitening

Other things you can do to lesson over 40 coffee stained teeth:

  • Drink through a straw
  • Drink your coffee so that it hits your tongue first and not your teeth
  • Drink big glass of water. The acids are neutralized staining reduced
  • Coconut oil swishing from 5 to 20 minutes will pull bacteria and assist in lightening teeth
  • The sooner you can brush your teeth after you eat or drink a staining substance the whiter your teeth will stay
  • Try this strawberry natural tooth whitening remedy
  • Book an appointment to get laser teeth whitening that works in 45 minutes or less and safely bleaches the the dentin under your enamel where the real hard core staining lives!
  • Smile, it’s the best thing you can wear!
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