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What is the best teeth whitening solution in San Diego?
San Diego Teeth Whitening FAQWhat causes my teeth to stain, yellow or turn darker in color?

Teeth are naturally different shades however, they do stain mainly from our things we drink or eat.

Teeth have microscopic pores and over time coffee, tea, wine, colas, and smoking cause teeth to discolor as the micropores are penetrated. The dentin which is softer than the enamel that the pores lead to soak up these staining agents and cause the teeth to discolor.

Is whitening or bleaching my teeth safe?

Studies have shown that no adverse effects from whitening teeth with the professional agents used as long as teeth and gum are healthy. Tooth decay or gum disease are indication to avoid teeth bleaching until a healthier state is reached.

Treating pregnant women is not done out of safety precaution but no conclusive evidence that it will cause harm is documented.

Will whitening my teeth make them sensitive?

The biggest reason most people love Studio Smile San Diego’s system is that pain and sensitivity are a rarity. An application of coconut oil, with a vitamin e treatment for the lips is soothing, seals the gums and provides anti inflammatory benefits.

If you do have tooth sensitivity normally there are options to do one of the triple session and reschedule to complete the rest over a couple of weeks. Rarely this is an issue.

Is this a different treatment than Brite Smile or Zoom?

The solution combined with the laser light are different than Brite Smile and Zoom. Because there is a laser light to assist the solution to penetrate the micropores in your teeth the concentration does not require a gum protector.

Anyone who has had Brite Smile or Zoom before LOVES this laser treatment. It eliminates both pain and sensitivity issue and delivers much better results to 97% of our clients.

Can I eat or drink after my teeth whitening session?

The pores of your teeth will stop be open for 2-3 hours after your treatment. Don’t worry they are micropores so if you didn’t read it here, you’d never know. However, eating or drinking anything dark for 2-3 hours after your session is recommended. *using a straw in case you planned on a “happy hour” works wonders too!

You’ll want to continue the light food and drink only for 24 hours after treatment to achieve your best result.

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